Dr. Juan Carlos Buitrago

Dr. Buitrago, DDS, first received his dental degree from Fundación Universitaria San Martin in Bogota, Colombia. Then, after becoming an American citizen, he finished his dental studies at University of Florida College of Dentistry, Foreign Trained Dental Program, Doctor in Dental Surgery. Then he completed a fellowship in Implant Dentistry.

After working as a General Dentist, which he still practices, his expertise centers in Sinus Lifting, lateral window and membrane elevation, Bone Grafting and soft tissue grafting. Implant placement. He also has experience with full arch restorations and his skills also include Full endodontic therapy including molars.

Dr. Buitrago has ample clinical experience on different implant systems placement, including 3i, Astra, Klogner, Biolock, Nobelbiocare, Biohorizons, Mis, e Intra-lock. His experience includes the placement of more than 5000 implants in cases that range from simple to advanced cases.

He is a recognized national and international speaker in the area of Implant Dentistry.

He is a consultant for Latin America and is a member of several Dental Implant Study Clubs and Associations in South and Central America. His lectures Bone Augmentation and Barrier Implementation of all type from “L-PRF” to “Titanium Mesh.”

He is President and Founder of Dental Training Center of Miami.

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